Embedded Systems

The rise of IoT and the possibilities it opens for innovation places embedded systems at the forefront of commercially attractive technology fields. In an increasingly connected world, and a fast paced shift to none PC based technologies, I have dedicated a lot of time to aqcuiring valuable experinece in the field, putting together a solid, continuously improving delivery mechanisms for embedded systems technologies.

Modular Web Systems

This list of projects demonstrate internal enterprise solutions on my clients' private network, full blown Internet web applications and bits and pieces of projects I've worked on for other purposes. I work primarily with Java for backend development, and use various front-end technologies depending on the project.
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Full Stack Projects

This is the latest addition to my skill set, although I have been working with JavaScript in the context of front-end development for years, mainly with vanilla JavaScript, AngularJS and Google closure library, I stepped into JavaScript server-side development for the fun of it, and found it to be a very interesting area to explore.
Explore Projects JS, TypeScript, HTML, CSS