Moaz Korena

Software Engineer

Based in Toronto, Canada

Send me an email, or inbox me on LinkedIn, or tweet at me, or reach out through Github, oh wait .. Github removed private messaging, OK, a quick search on StackOverflow shows this thread, maybe you can use that! But really ... Just email me, this would ring a different tone on my phone, and I'm always overly excited about getting messages from strangers. If your browser is refusing to properly handle mailto, then here's my email: (), Just copy it and use your favorite email client. Oh wait, you see empty brackets there? So you've disabled your javascript? well, this page relies heavily on javascript for styling and stuff, you must be looking at a mess! Anyways, I congratulate you on your paranoia, you should get that checked out, here, I'll just spell it out for you, although I think by now you should be typing your message on LinkedIn, or maybe tweeting, because reading all this is exhausting .. so my user name is moaz, which is my first name, and my host is this personal webpage's host address, without the 'www' of course. I really don't mean to inconvenience you, but spam get's me really angry, and this way, I can at least cripple a couple of dumb bots. Looking forward to hearing from you!