Moaz Korena

Software Engineer

I code.

Quick facts arrow_downward
  • school I have a B.E. (Honors) in Mechatronics Engineering
  • memory I spend my free time porting software for unfamiliar Hardware
  • brush I learned 3D Graphic design when I was 12 because I thought
    Windows graphical interface was made using 3DS MAX
  • build I took a leave from school, bought a bunch of electonics, and did nothing for four months but tinker and google until I wrapped my head around this stuff.
  • laptop I started with Embedded Systems years ago, and moved to web technologies, today, I can comfortably start a project at the hardware level, through web back-end services, then wrap it up with front-end technologies.
  • laptop I enjoy the design phase of a project, so I spend a good amount of time exploring architecture design concepts.